When You Care Enough To Fight

Doing Right By You And Your Family

Family legal issues can bring upheaval and fighting to the lives of you and the people you love. At Brewer Law Firm, P.A., we try to resolve your legal problems in a manner that is swift and as free from conflict as possible. Mr. Brewer, has years of legal experience representing clients throughout Florida who encountered challenging life problems.

With a combination of compassion and experience, he can help you resolve legal matters involving:

  • Divorce: We advocate for your best interests while helping you maintain amicable relations.
  • Asset division: Divide your property, assets and debts in a manner that is equitable but preserves your finances.
  • Child custody: When kids are involved, we protect their best interests as well as your parental rights.
  • Child support: Children have the right to fair financial support to provide for them.

The core tenets of our practice are love and justice. How do we apply this to our family law practice? By helping you arrive at fair solutions that preserve your family’s well-being. We seek a balance of love and justice in every case that we handle, from defending clients against criminal charges to advocating for accident survivors.

Compassionate In Negotiation, Aggressive in Litigation

We try to resolve family law matters out of court whenever possible. But as an experienced litigator, Mr. Brewer also understands that, sometimes, the only chance of attaining the best solution is to proceed to trial. If litigation is necessary in your case, he will continue to make an effort to minimize the strain on your family life, while aggressively pursuing justice against the opposing party.

Reach Out To Us – Schedule A Free Consultation

We provide free initial consultations at our office in Zephyrhills. To speak with our empathetic attorney about your divorce or other family law matter, contact us today. To reach us, send us an email or call 813-461-5645. We represent clients in Zephyrhills, Wesley Chapel, Dade City, across Pasco County, Hillsborough County, Hernando County and throughout Florida.